Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Korean and Chinese editions of Color & Light

I am pleased to announce brand new Korean and Chinese editions of Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter. 

The Korean edition is published by DooboCMC in Seoul by arrangement with Andrews McMeel Publishing in Kansas City.

The Chinese edition is published by the Posts & Telecommunications Press in Beijing, under authority of Andrews McMeel.

Korea and China are rapidly becoming global powerhouses for visual effects, animation, concept art, and fantasy art, not to mention traditional painting, so I hope the books will be of interest to the artists in those countries, and to those artists in this country who are more comfortable in their native language. I would be very interested to learn more about how color theory is taught in the art academies there.
Thanks, Peter, for the photo
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Nope Nameo said...

This is very awesome! Congrats!

Oh and as someone who is just getting started in art at the young age of 38, I really enjoy your books. I was wondering if you have anymore you are looking at doing?

Unknown said...

They will be glad to have that book. I have it on my coffee table and study it often. Every time I pick it up I have an "ah-ha" moment when something I've been struggling with suddenly makes sense and I feel like the solution is within my grasp. Many artists cannot explain their thinking half as well as you do! I read your Imaginative Realism book too. I'm going to be ready for the next book soon though, just to let you know!

Unknown said...

This must have been hard for the translators. Since different cultures conceptualize colors in vastly different ways, I bet some of the more complex concepts took quite a while to work out. Say if the division between blue and green is in a radically different spot for someone in China than it is for someone in a European culture.

Cristian Romero said...

Your book is great! I learned a lot from it, especially about gamut and color palettes. Thank you so much. I make a free tool that display the gamut of an image, inspired by your book and the gamut mask tool, if you have time please take a look:

Please keep doing great books!

James Gurney said...

Cristian, thanks for creating that helpful tool. I will do a blog post about it tomorrow.