Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Star Trek, Pixar Style

Phil Postma has re-imagined the Star Trek characters in the style of Pixar. See the rest of the Star Trek characters at Phil's blog. He did the same thing with Star Wars characters.

Thanks, Steve.


Tom Hart said...

I enjoyed looking at Phil's blog and website. I'm mostly a stranger to digital tools, and I'm curious to know a bit about the hard- and software that people like Phil use. I've noticed, in looking at some other digital sites, that the artists don't tend to discuss that. Any suggestions about how I could find out a bit about their tools and techniques?

Jim Hartlage said...

Tom, I believe he is using Photoshop - - most likely with a Cintiq or some other Wacom tablet. Painter is also a popular program, and for those just getting started Sketchbook Pro is a good choice.

psd.tutsplus.com has quite a number of tutorials and links to digital artist. Feng Zhu also has some beautiful work and videos. With respect to hardware - - Mac or Windows both work fine - - the key is RAM and a good monitor.

Hope that helps a little.

Tom Hart said...

Thanks, Jim, for that very generous and helpful answer. It's not likely I'll be able to explore digital work any time very soon. But someday, I'd love to.