Monday, June 3, 2013


HyperLapse is a form of time lapse video where the camera is moved a fixed interval for each frame, resulting in a rapid movement through a time-shifted space. (Direct link to video)  

This sequence if by Geoff Tompkinson, who also did a hyperlapse visit to the Hermitage museum, where you drift through the galleries and the humans appear like hyper insects.

The technique is low-budget but time-consuming. (Direct link to video) Griffin Hammond at IndyMogul shows how it's done in this video.


Rich said...

Well, what's the difference between fast motion, or time lapse,
and "HyperLapse"?
Don't quite get it.

Interesting though: How about filming something like an "aeonic hyperlapse"...?

James Gurney said...

It's just time lapse with a big sweeping camera move, something you couldn't do with a track dolly. By combining the smooth move and time lapse, the movements of the camera and the people are in different timeframes.