Saturday, June 8, 2013

Siggraph highlight reel of CGI innovations

Siggraph is the forum for sharing innovations in computer graphics and interactive techniques. This highlight reel shows some of the recent breakthroughs. It sort of makes visual sense even if you don't understand all the technical jargon.

Thousands of professionals in the industry will be converging on Anaheim, California this July for Siggraph's 40th international conference. (Direct link to YouTube video)


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Keith Parker said...

Very cool stuff. A friend of mine, and fellow animation student went to last year's Siggraph. He was very impressed with some of the things on show. Clearly computer visuals have come a long way from the likes of Pong, and Las Vegas lazer light shows that wowed people just a few decades back...makes you wonder what we will see in another couple of years.