Sunday, June 16, 2013

Proko starts his figure drawing videos tomorrow

Over the last year, Stan Prokopenko, also known as "Proko" has produced some of the best online tutorials on head drawing.

Here's "How to Draw the Head from Any Angle" (Direct link to YT Video). Proko studied at the Watts Atelier starting when he was in high school, and later was a teacher there. His way of drawing and teaching is like a 21st century version of art instruction legend Andrew Loomis.

Now he is polishing up the next series, which will be on figure drawing (video link). The first episode of the new series will launch tomorrow.

For viewers who like getting their stuff free online, he is committed to continue producing short videos, but he also offers paid content that's longer and more comprehensive. There is already a DVD and download available of his head drawing material. The figure drawing videos will have premium versions available for a fee.
The Proko YouTube Channel
Proko's website (for newsletter signups and products)
Book: "Creative Illustration" by Andrew Loomis


David R. Darrow said...

Not only good, straight talk with good details, he's fun, funny, an has a nice voice. Very clever working in the structure tied to a moving subject. Brilliant!

Unknown said...

This is another interesting site going up soon. It's 20 dollars a month from some very exciting artists including Steve Huston who used to teach at Laguna College of Art and Design.
Excited to see what comes of it!

Here is a link to Steve's art. I'd love to know what you think sometime!

Thanks for the posts- I'm excited about those videos!

Shai Kowal said...

Proko's videos are very educational. They are great for beginning artists and good reminders of the basics for the more experienced.
Highly recommended.

Shai Kowal

Eric Bouffard said...

Thanks for sharing this resource.
Proko's videos are well laid out and easily digestible.