Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lines and Colors reviews 'How I Paint Dinosaurs'

Charley Parker of the art blog "Lines and Colors" just reviewed my instructional video, "How I Paint Dinosaurs."
"Like many of the best instructional art videos, on a second viewing, you’ll find little nuggets that you may have cruised over on initial viewing (like doing a pencil drawing on illustration board with the pencil held horizontally, so the point doesn’t indent the board, making it easier to erase and move lines). Much of the detail is visual, beyond the verbal instruction, in good close-ups of brush work and paint application."
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InfinitusImmortalis said...

Hi James. I was absolutely floored by the imagination and magic of reading your dinotopia books when i was young. I am developing a game, and would love to incorporate some of the magic and wonder your oil paintings convey. Do you think it is possible to bring the warmth, character and emotion of great oil works to a game environment such as the use of filters and so forth? Some adventure games have used cartoonifcation effects to great effect and so forth.

James Gurney said...

Thanks for the compliment, Infinitus. Although there are some parallels with lighting, color, and composition, I suppose games are a different art form that achieve effects in different ways. I don't know if there's a filter for that, but rather just bringing an artistic eye to every decision. The game "Journey" does that definitely, but there are many other kinds of looks and styles of course.