Wednesday, April 2, 2014

European comics and illustration auction this Saturday

Albert Uderzo, "Asterix" 16 x 18 inches, Est. 150,000 - 170,000 €
Christie's will be hosting a big auction of comics and illustration this Saturday, April 5 in Paris. The sale will include fine examples by many well known artists such as Jean Giraud, Enki Bilal, Hergé, and Albert Uderzo.

Jean-Pierre Gibrat, "Le Vol du Corbeau" 26x16 in. Est. 35,000-40,000 €
This will be the first auction of comics that Christie’s has done, and it has been arranged with the help of gallery owner Daniel Maghen with the help of Olivier Soille.

Régis Loisel, watercolor, 9.5 x 12.6 in. Est 16,000-18,000 €
There are approximately 370 works in the show, and the entire sale is expected to realize about €3 million.


Le Grand Veneur said...

Hello James,

I thank you for all your priceless inputs in your blog, and for your book Colors and LIght which is a goldmine.

Would you ever consider to do a graphic novel in Dinotopia world ?

Best regards

Unknown said...

Albert Uderzo was beautiful.
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Geoff said...

Lot 127 is funny. Wish I had the spare euros!

Anonymous said...

370 artworks? wow. That's a lot man. Any update on how the auction? Pictures? That would be awesome.