Saturday, April 5, 2014

James Valenti in Madama Butterfly

Last night we were at the opera again, this time to see tenor James Valenti in the Met's production of Puccini's Madama Butterfly.

I started this sketch before the show, referencing a variety of googled images, and then finished it in my opera seat. James Valenti is really fun to draw, with wonderfully chiseled planes.

Jeanette and I were invited backstage afterward, and we shared the glow of success with James and the Valenti family. That's his dad, Joe on the left.

We rode into New York with our friend Christopher Radko, left, known for his Christmas ornaments. He's now launching a line of organic wild lavender products.
James Valenti will be in three more Madama Butterfly performances: April 9, 12, and 15.
Thanks, Paul!


Rich said...

James twofold;-)
The "chiseled planes" come out well. A reddish background this time? Adds some glamour, I'd say; usually your portrait-backgrounds are either black or white.

jeff jordan said...

You clean up pretty good, Jim! Nice sketch!

Unknown said...

A little disappointed you didn't wear your top hat and geared monocle to the opera. Seems like the perfect occasion!

David Teter said...

James, you do a lot of these at concerts. I have wondered whether you get a lot of attention or 'looky-loos', curious people poking their heads in to see what you are doing?

James Gurney said...

David, I don't sketch at all if there's any chance it will distract anyone. The last few times I've been surrounded by friends, and no one else even noticed. During the intermissions, though, the sketching is a great icebreaker, and I met several new friends last night who noticed me sketching.

Rich, I used the red background thinking of the bright color fields in the Minghella production.

Jeff, it's as cleaned up as I'm ever going to get! NJL, It would be fun to go there with a top hat, but where would you put it during the show?

Unknown said...

I thank you for the excellent and very useful information

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

He comes to the restaurant where I work. He, and his family, are both very nice. You've captured his likeness very well. :-)

Marina Anastasiou said...

Wow that's must be an amazing performance. I love Madame Butterfly. I had seen this performance when I was a kid and I shoockes. now it's playing online at greek national opera's TV . Can't wait to see this perfmance again.