Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wonderfully Strange Video: "Beats Antique"

In this stop motion music video, a wooly creature with crab claws peers into a gear-driven viewscope. Another creature brings a box of skeleton keys. Each key unlocks old black and white videos.

Through their seashell eyes, they see chimps playing violins, human riding monocycles, and A-bomb explosions. The film has the effect of making our own world seem as alien as theirs.

(Direct link to video)


Unknown said...

Such a very awesome video! I saw this and thought immediately of Jan Svankmayer, and apparently his work was an influence on the film maker.

Stop motion is so wonderfully weird. I'm sure you've probably seen them, but if you haven't, the films of Jan Svankmayer are awesome and strange.

Jody Spence said...

James thank you for posting this awesome creative and thought provoking!