Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gustav Doré in Paper Cutout Animation

Lorenzo Papace and Vincent Pianina created this stop-motion animated film of Gustav Doré (1832-1883) climbing a mountain.

The film was made to promote an exhibition of Doré's work at The Musée d'Orsay earlier this year (Link to YouTube video)
via CartoonBrew


Unknown said...

This same exhibit is currently in Ottawa(Canada) until the 14th of September. It's absolutely amazing to see in person, the paintings and sculptures are massive and awe inspiring.

Rich said...

Amidst Jesus, Dante & Vergil on the hellish Dis lake seem to appear here too.

Love the collaged animation movie, as clumsy as it may appear.

Unknown said...

The Frist I. Nashville is showing the Barbican exhibit "Watch Me Move: the Animation Story"

If anyone loves animations or has just watched animation it is a must see exhibit if you are in the area. It covers the history of animation and has more than a hundred films exhibited. So plan on more than one day.

There were techniques I never dreamed of, some I hope to never dream of, and so many animations I've never seen. I sat and watched Jiří Trnka's "the hand" over and over, mesmerized and horrified.

It is worth the time, and it closes sept 1

Unknown said...

Wow! You do bring us the most interesting things!

justin albert said...

I read your post and it was amazing , KEEP IT, great job.

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