Saturday, August 9, 2014

"Troll Caught Tuna" Contest

I noticed this label for "Troll Caught Tuna" from the "Wild Planet" company, and it got me to thinking in a fantasy vein.

First off, I didn't know trolls worked as fishermen. What would a fishing boat look like if it were run by trolls? Do trolls even use boats to catch tuna, or do they do it some other way?

And what would things be like back on shore on this Wild Planet? How would the other fisherfolk react to the trolls? Would Mrs. Troll be waiting back home with the kids for her husband to return with his catch? What would supper in the troll home be like?

Let's do this as a GurneyJourney art contest.

Categories and Judging
There will be two categories: Illustration and Animation. Entries should answer at least one of the questions above. Animation should be limited to a 7-second "Vine" type gif. Illustration can be in any format, such as book cover art or movie concept art, or a standalone piece. Your entry can be a quick concept sketch or rough animation—it doesn't have to be highly finished or rendered. Sometimes a good idea can win over a good painting.

I will be the judge, though based on the stunning results from the Lionfish Shampoo Contest, it won't be an easy job.

I'll pick one Grand Prize winner and three Honorable Mentions in each of the two categories. All eight of the winning entries will be featured on the blog. First prize in each category is a set of my three DVDs or downloads, including my new one (released Monday) called "Watercolor in the Wild," plus a highly coveted "Department of Art" custom embroidered patch, making you an honorary member of the Hudson River Rats plein-air gang.
Each of the three Honorable Mentions in each category will receive a Department of Art Patch. 

It's free to enter. The deadline is Saturday, September 27. Winners will be announced September 29. 

How to Enter
Email a file (no larger than 800px in any dimension) of your drawing, painting, digital art to gurneyjourney (at) gmail, subject line "TROLL CAUGHT." Or send me a link to a file-hosting site where your image can easily be accessed and downloaded. For animation please use only the links to a public site where the gif can be seen.

Have fun, and I can't wait to see what this contest reels in.


Hayley Fortner said...

I am definitely excited to see what the results of this contest are, the Lionfish Shampoo art was amazing! I love where you drew your inspiration from as well, little did the creators of the tuna label know what sort of whimsical ideas would be generated! Your wonderment in inspiring :)

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Great challenge. Thank you

Of course, I wasn't planning on thinking for the rest of the day...:)

Susan said...

Oh, now THIS is a fun challenge! I may need to make a special thinking cap.