Monday, August 11, 2014

"Watercolor in the Wild" releases today

Today is the release of my new instructional video called "Watercolor in the Wild." (link to watch on YouTube.)

Dan Dos Santos just reviewed the DVD on the blog "Muddy Colors." He says: "Gurney is an experienced teacher and you can really see that come through here. He is thoughtful and informative, while being very brief and succinct. It's a great companion to his previous DVD 'How I Paint Dinosaurs'."

You can get the video as an HD download or a DVD at the following locations:

HD mp4 download for credit card customers 
$15.00. Available from Gumroad at

HD mp4 download for Paypal customers 
$14.99. Available from Sellfy at or use this button: buy

DVD (NTSC, region 1 coded) 
It contains an exclusive slide show of additional sketchbook pages. It's available direct from the manufacturer Kunaki at this link.  

Timing: Watercolor in Wild Download
00:00 Intro and Materials
10:12 Basic Techniques and Procedures
15:55 Greenhouse
21:23 Tortoise
26:43 Miniature Horse
40:46 Carriage House
49:52 Civil War Portrait
55:03 Churchyard

Throughout the week, I'll share sample clips totaling about 1/4 of the content.


Jakob Juul said...

You Sir are an inspiration. The only "problem" with your books and videos is that I constantly get inspired and "just have to draw something" consequently I never really get to finish any of them.
Now, I have bought your latest video, and instead of vaiting around for a few minutes while it downloads I pack my gear and go to the zoo to paint. Just magic. Thanks for sharing your passion as well as your talent it really is inspiring.

Tom Hart said...

Just ordered the DVD. Can't wait! The DVD order and check out process was easy and straightforward. I'm sure it's going to sell like hotcakes. (Though it's been a while since I bought a hotcake, come to think of it...)

James Gurney said...

Thank you, Tom. It's really good to know what the customer experience is like. These new companies: Kunaki, Gumroad, and Sellfy are really great to work with, and make easy for people like me to publish directly.

Thanks, Jakob. If you're out there sketching, that's way better than watching videos. Save the video for a rainy day!

Anonymous said...

Bought both the video and the special features. Thanks a lot for doing this. Planning on taking a trip this fall, and I wanted to get back into plein air sketching. There'll be a lot to sketch!

Now excuse me while I watch everything. :)

Unknown said...

Super keen to watch this, but as I dont have enough storage left, I need to buy the DVD. Frustratingly, as it's region 1, I cant watch this in Britain! Any plans to release a multi-region/ region 2 version DVD?

Unknown said...

Yipeeee! I bought this last night and plan to watch it today. I am gearing up for a trip to Italy and this came at a perfect time!

Dan said...

Just ordered the DVD. Looking forward to watching it. I also found the checkout process to be straightforward and easy.

Carole Pivarnik said...

I purchased downloads of both the main program and watercolor bonus program via Gumroad. I had to go to the library to use their wifi (our satellite internet bandwidth is too limited, given the file sizes) and also discovered I needed to upgrade my Dropbox account (for a month at $9.99) to have sufficient room to download the feature program but WHATEVER IT TAKES, right? :P

The Watercolor bonus content was fun and informative; now I can't wait to watch the main feature. Your videos are useful in practical ways but also inspiring and are a great example of quality self-published material. Thanks for so generously sharing your expertise.

monbaum said...

I just finished watching my downloaded copy from Sellfy. Wow!
I now know that I give up way too early when the sketch looks like it's not going anywhere.
It's a fantastic 72 minutes, thank you so much for putting it all together!


Anonymous said...

Downloading now! Can't wait!!! I also ordered your book you wrote awhile back called "the artists guide to sketching", "color and light", and "imaginative realism"... I'm on a Gurney Journey of my own. :-)

Nathaniel Gold said...

Watching this now. Love it! Thanks.

Ernest Friedman-Hill said...

I got mine, I'm in heaven!

jytte said...

Dear James,
I would like to order the DVD sets but according to Karl Smith's comments I will not be able to watch them as I live in Belgium. Do you plan to make DVD's which can be watched in Europe ?

James Gurney said...

Jytte and Karl, I haven't thought of producing a European PAL version. I'll look into the technical aspect of frame rates, mastering, production, and distribution and see if it's possible.

Unknown said...

Thanks James- I'm sure there is a large European market for your DVDs.

Auguste Dejean said...

I have just finish to see your DVD... It's soooo Fantastic!!! thanks a lot to share your knowledge with us... You're really inspirational.