Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hopeful Corgi

At my friend James Warhola's house, I sketched his Welsh corgi named Maya. 

She wondered why I was giving her so much attention, and whether I might feed her a bit of spaghetti or garlic bread. 

She only held this pose for about 30 seconds. After she moved on, I tried to remember the initial position. I continued the sketch for about 15 minutes as she moved around the kitchen.

The drawing is in a Pentalic watercolor sketchbook. I used Caran D'ache Supracolor water-soluble colored pencils, blended with a Niji water brush. I always carry a tube of white gouache with me, and used it for highlights in the eyes and touch-ups along the muzzle.


Pete Culos said...

You have captured the look perfectly. My Corgi has the same look...almost willing something to fall from the fork! And if it doesn't, he barks.

Warren JB said...

"She only held this pose for about 30 seconds."

I would've required her to hold it for 30 *minutes*. Wonderful stuff, as always.

Janet Oliver said...

We also have a Corgi! Her name is Matilda, and she practices that look on us all the time!

Daniel C said...

That's definitely the hopeful/expectant look my Corgi gives me every time there's delicious food on the table. Great job capturing the expression and nature of these wonderful dogs. :)