Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Suggested Donation Interview

James Gurney, Jay Braun, Tony Curanaj, and Edward Minoff

Tony Curanaj, sketched by Jeanette during interview

Earlier this month, Jeanette and I visited Grand Central Atelier in Long Island City, New York.

Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff, two instructors there, are also the hosts of "Suggested Donation," an art talk podcast, and they interviewed me as well.

Their interview with me is now live at this link.

We got the tour of the GCA's new teaching space. They just moved into a spacious industrial building, filled with casts and sculptures and figure paintings.

Building on their success in the Water Street Atelier and Grand Central Academy, they have built a community of artists dedicated to upholding classical traditions.
Grand Central Atelier
Suggested Donation podcast interview with James Gurney


Jared Cullum said...

I hadn't heard of that podcast and I'm always looking for new art podcasts to listen to in the studio. This was great.

S. Stipick said...

This is fantastic! Those two (or three if you consider the prodigious talents of their esteemed producer) run an excellent show, the Desiderio and Waichulis pop up as favorites, but each episode is amazing and filled with a wealth of knowledge and a joy to listen to. You would be a perfect fit and would provide an excellent point of view that for discussion. I am looking forward to listening!

Allen Garns said...

Love your sketch Jeanette!

carol edan said...

Loved this podcast!!! Listened and sketching... Wondering if Dinotopia is translated in Hebrew? Where could be purchased? Would love it for my grandson!!!

James Gurney said...

Carol, thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I don't think we've ever had a Hebrew edition. When it came out in the early '90s there were editions in German, French, Spanish, Chinese and many other European and Asian languages, but I don't recall a Hebrew version.