Monday, March 16, 2015

Interactive Sketchbook Results

Edit: Here are the results of the poll. Thanks for voting. Congratulations to the three top vote-getters—Neeraj, Emmanuel, and Leigh Ann, who will each receive a "Department of Art" embroidered patch.
Neeraj Menon 126 (34%)
Emmanuel Laverde 121 (33%)
Leigh Ann Gagnon 117 (32%)
Keenan Gaybba 111 (30%)
Elena Pavlova 76 (20%)
Tobias Gemalski 73 (20%)
Phil Lohmeyer 70 (19%)
Samantha Pancer 65 (17%)
Melissa Sisk 44 (12%)
Alicia Goode 19 (5%)
A few weeks ago, I announced the Interactive Sketchbook Contest here on GurneyJourney, and we received dozens of entries. The challenge was to show a drawing interacting with the real world, either using a drawing on paper or transparent film, but it all had to be done without digital manipulation. 

It was really hard to narrow the list down to 10 semifinalists, but here they are.

Tobias Gembalski (behind the scenes here)

Keenan Gaybba

Leigh Ann Gagnon

Samantha Pancer

Alicia Goode

Neeraj Menon

Elena Pavlova

Emmanuel Laverde

Phil Lohmeyer

Melissa Sisk

Please vote for your three favorites in the poll at left (you can vote for more than one). The top three vote-getters will receive official "Department of Art" embroidered patches. 

Thanks to all who entered. See the full bunch of entries, including all the Honorable Mentions on my Facebook page.


krystal said...

These are all lovely!

Gayle said...

Loved all of them - so hard to choose! Absolutely hilarious. Thanks to all for your entertaining and witty photos and art- so refreshing.

Willow's Quiet Corner said...

I love all these challenges! We get to see some very creative solutions! Keep 'em coming, James! :)

Tobias Gembalski said...

Congratulation to the three winners!
I voted for the "Backyard Monster Wash". A really nice idea!

for a closer look on my contribution check out:

and thanks again to James Gurney for the inspiration.

Connie Nobbe said...

Such creative ideas! James, I hope you run this contest again!