Monday, May 25, 2015

"Color and Light" in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

We just received copies of the new Chinese hardback edition of "Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter" (upper left) from the Eurasian Publishing Group / Solutions Publishing (link to publisher's web page).

There's also a Chinese softcover edition and a Japanese and Korean edition.
The little dinosaur on the cover is Mei long, from China's Liaoning province.


teh yoshi said...

Where can I find the traditional Chinese version of this book?

James Gurney said...

Unknown, an insert sheet in the hardback edition gives the name SOLUTIONS PUBLISHING (an imprint of the EURASIAN PUBLISHING GROUP), with a website

If anyone sees any of these in bookstores, please let me know.

Olina 歐莉娜 said...

yeah!! Congratulations!
I found Traditional Chinese version here, the online book store same as James posted

(Sorry I know the length of link looks scary... )

Anonymous said...


It's interesting seeing the slight color variations in the different printings, especially the cooler tones in the upper right.

When your books are printed, do you get to approve color 'proofs' during the process? Even if you do on the US publishers, I would imagine you have less input on the foreign printings. Does this concern you at all?

I'm on the publications committee for the American Daylily Society and the color accuracy is always a big concern of ours, because people that grow these plants know them well and will see color differences as being inaccurate. It's always something we take into consideration and getting proofs and approving them is a big part of the process.

That said, it's got to be gratifying to see your efforts being translated and used all over the world. A hearty congratulations. Obviously these foreign presses think they will sell well for them too.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, 歐莉娜. I added the link you gave. Tim, yes, we approve the covers in various stages. Of course the printers in Asia don't have access to the original for comparison, but they do a great job.