Sunday, May 17, 2015

H. Septimus Power's Horse Paintings

Septimus Power, The End of the Day
H. Septimus Power (1877-1951) was a New-Zealand-born Australian artist who was always fascinated with horses.

H. Septimus Power, Horse Cart, Watercolor
He got an early job painting animal heads on butchers' delivery vans, and later worked for a veterinarian. 

He studied at the Académie Julian in Paris and then moved to London, exhibiting at the Royal Academy. Arthur Streeton said of him: "One is impressed first by a tremendous display of colour and a dauntless feeling of optimism … He displays remarkable knowledge and vigour in his paintings of animals."

H. Septimus Power, Bringing Up the Guns
In World War I he worked as a war artist, specializing in scenes with horses. The biplane is almost a ghost in the distance.


Janet Oliver said...

These are magnificent.

drawntoit said...

I am always impressed by the artist who can model and portray animals with such skill and understanding. Horse whisperer with a brush.

Daulat Neupane said...

Horses are so hard to portray essentially and combined with their role in our history, it's quite a challenge. I love when an artist captures their character so courageously as these paintings. These are great.

Vladimir Venkov said...

Stunning paintings full of character.