Monday, July 20, 2015

Gas Station in Gouache Contest Deadline Tonight

Gouache billboard art from Charlie Allen's blog.
Today at midnight is the deadline for the "Gas Station in Black-and-White Gouache" assignment. I've been posting the entries so far on a Facebook event page, so you can see and comment on what everybody has been doing, all around the world. I'll add the rest of the entries by tomorrow morning.
Gas Station Contest Announcement


HNK said...

All entries are really great and I guess it is hard to decide which one will win. I liked the topic - I wanted to join but it's just not for me. I guess an off - topic question wouldn't hurt anybody and it is really disappointing and embarrassing I guess for you to see me commenting and questioning such stupid questions. Could i say stupid - really stupid question? James, could you tell how to get with portraits better? You are really great portrait artist. I really don't know how to simplify, for example, lips, like you do in any technique: when I search this in google, it gives me hyperrealistic portrait techniques. Could you tell how to start to be better at portraits. Thank you and sorry.

James Gurney said...

HNK, thanks. I'd recommend the Loomis books, such as drawing the head and hands. Or Jack Hamm's book on Drawing people. Can you get those where you live? Best, JG

HNK said...

It is actually complicated to get for me in Russia, but I will find it somehow. Thank you for your advices.

Anonymous said...
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Sherry Schmidt said...

So sorry to have just found out about this. I'm dying to try a B&W gas station gouache!