Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Prehistoric Times Reviews "Tyrannosaurs"

Prehistoric Times, the magazine of all things dinosaurian, reviewed my recent tutorial video Tyrannosaurs: Behind the Art. 

"Jim's new video tutorial gives you front row seats at the creation of two Tyrannosaur paintings for Scientific American magazine, including one. Super talented illustrator James Gurney fully explains his process as he reconstructs two recently discovered relatives of Tyrannosaurus rex, as if you were sitting right there with him. Working closely with scientist Stephen Brusatte, who discovered one of them, he shows his process including thumbnails and color comprehensives. He shows how he uses photos and models, as well as outdoor studies, as he moves ahead to the final oil illustration."

"He explains both his methods and his thinking with an emphasis on the techniques for portraying feather and foliage textures, thereby creating a believable reconstruction of a scene that is imagined based on scientific evidence. Jim Gurney shows how he chooses his colors, what brushes he uses at each stage, and how he prepares his board for painting. The production is packed with information that will fascinate dinosaur artists as well as all other artists. I promise you will be most impressed."

—Mike Fredericks, editor, Prehistoric Times
Available as an HD download from Gumroad (credit cards) or Sellfy (Paypal).
and as a DVD from the manufacturer Kunaki, or on


Unknown said...

Great video James. I picked it up as soon as it was available, and I find I have watched it through 2 or 3 times already. I really enjoy your demonstrations of practical illustration techniques with what is traditionally a "fine art" medium. I hope to see more content including oils in the future. A "Oil in the Wild" video, would be a welcome companion to both Watercolor and Gouache in the wild.

Linda Navroth said...

Just bought the download. I LOVE your videos! Going to get "How I Paint Dinosaurs" to complete my library of your videos. You make everything so accessible and interesting. I've learned a lot from watching you paint! Just got back into gouache after a 30-year 'hiatus' and I absolutely love it. Keep 'em, coming!