Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Do you do Pinterest? If so you might want to check out my Pinboards on Gouache and Casein painting.


Pierre Fontaine said...

This is so cool! Thank you for sharing your images on Pinterest. I've only recently become interested in the site while searching for illustrations from the 1960's and 1970's.

I would love to see your scanned images at a slightly higher size or resolution. Many of the images in Pinterest, as well as your blog open to an image of the exact same size when clicked on. I'm dying to see bigger images with more detail!

No matter, thank you so much for sharing all this work.


James Gurney said...

Pierre, thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I've clicked the Pinterest button on the images on the blog, so I was hoping it would link to them at the full size they're uploaded on the blog, usually around 800 pixels across. Are they coming up smaller on Pinterest, and how could I fix that? Should I upload them separately to Pinterest rather than linking?

Pierre Fontaine said...

Sorry Jim...perhaps I commented too soon. I assumed that Pinterest would create a thumbnail of a much larger image but it seems to be a one-to-one relationship. I just uploaded some of my own images to double check and that seems to be the case. My apologies.

However, I'd still love to see something larger if you could upload something larger.

Sorry for my earlier suggestion...for my punishment I think I'll abandon Photoshop for a week and only use my much loved gouache set.


jeffkunze said...

Pinterest is incredibly useful to collecting reference.

Nicholas Avallone said...

I think if you open up the image full-size in a separate tab/window, then pin that, the resulting pin will display the full-size image.

Sherry Schmidt said...

Nicholas, that's what I do. Love Pinterest for all of the new-to-me artwork