Monday, August 10, 2015

DIY Motion Control System for GoPro Time Lapse

Someone asked how I move the GoPro camera when it's in time lapse mode, so I made this behind the scenes video. (Link to YouTube) My home-built device uses two kitchen timers, one for tilt and the other for pan. The system is modular, so it can be configured for movement in any direction or combination of directions.

By the way, here's the little demo I'm doing in the video, painting two plaster heads in casein.

Lux (white) kitchen timer (tilt move)
IKEA kitchen timer (pan move)

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HNK said...

I really like your series on filming art! Thank you! Will wait for casein video also!

dragonladych said...

I love this! I'm experimenting too. My biggest problem at the moment is to know what's in the frame, I often end up drawing outside the frame and filming nothing at all.
Next step will be to film two angle at the same time. So much to learn!

Joe P said...

There is really no end to the lengths you go to for your work. Every time I think youve done enough, you back up the camera a bit and expose a Lego dolly and a kitchen timer hacked into a moving camera. I just feel lazy sometimes after seeing the stuff you do. Awesome as always James!

Jared Cullum said...

I'm currently reading Norman Rockwell's 'My adventures as an illustrator' (Terrific book!) and am at the point where he has gone to art school and is doing plaster cast drawings "6 days a week for 8 hours a day" trying to earn a spot in the life drawing class. It's making me really want to buy some of those plaster casts.
Great video, by the way! Was there another video of just the painting demo or was it just running camera example footage for this? Or is that part of Casein in the wild...? Or is that not for us to know ... ;)

James Gurney said...

Jared, I love Rockwell's autobio. The guy worked so hard at his craft. I just did that demo to try out the various motion control systems, so the footage of it there is all there is.

Joe P. I'm goofing off most of the time. It appears that I get done more than I really do (ask my wife.)

DragonLadyCH, the GoPro3 and later models are wifi enabled, so your iPad or iPhone give you the camera's POV.

Thanks, HNK!

Unknown said...

That is a great system! I love your common sense approach to filming equipment. Thank you so much for sharing!

Mark Martel said...

that's so meta

Unknown said...
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Tobias Gembalski said...

Great idea and video!
I am quite curious about your lego dolly. Last year when I discovered your blog, I was quite fascinated by this device and managed to build something similar, not as sophisticated but it works:

Thanks for the inspiration!