Thursday, August 6, 2015

Recreating Life on a Victorian Farm

Victorian Farm is historical documentary, first broadcast on BBC, which recreates farm life in mid-19th century Britain (link to YouTube). A team of specialists in daily life of the period move into an abandoned Shropshire farm which still has some of the original tools and furnishings. They restore the coal range, get a delivery of coal from a canal boat, and plow and plant the fields using horse-drawn implements from the period. 

Another fine revival documentary is Secrets of the Castle (link to YouTube), where archaeologists turn back the clock 500 years to show castle life in Tudor England.


Tom Hart said...

I love this sort of stuff!

Another BBC series that I discovered on YouTube (which you may well already know) is Fake or Fortune? In that series potentially important works of art are analyzed and correct attribution is attempted. In-depth discussion of the artist's materials and methods is part of the analysis. The presentation may be a little overly dramatic at times, but it's the type of thing that many readers of this blog might enjoy.

PaperbackStories said...

There were a couple of American shows like this. The one where they lived like 17th century pilgrims was especially good.

Unknown said...

There was one set in a Victorian apothecary. Truly terrifying!

Viktoria said...

Thank you for sharing! We are currently volunteering on a historical farm in Texas and this is very timely!))