Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cook's Dinner

Restaurants in Chinatown are a good place for gouache painting if you catch them in the middle of the afternoon. You can hold down a table for a while and the cooks come out to eat. They always seem to eat cool stuff that's not on the menu.

The white of the chefs' outfits captures the colors of the light sources. There's a backlit photo panel pumping green light from behind them, a yellow-orange incandescent source from off to the right, and some bluish window light filling from behind me.

I'm in New York City to drop off a new painting at Scientific American, and I'll tell you more about that when the April issue comes along.


Tom Hart said...

It's nice to see your block-in in the lower photo. That alone is very instructional. (I wonder what off-menu items the chefs were eating...)

HNK said...

painting is beautiful! waiting for new information.

Rich said...

Beautiful play of light.
There's the red-capped bottle in the foreground looking like some Chinese calligraphy.

Perhaps it's James Gurney signing with such a sign/ideogram;-)

Bobby La said...

Wonderful work James. Extraordinary control and observation. I've taken to working on pre-toned paper, but I note you haven't here. Methinks I rely on it too much.

Unknown said...

Great capture! Dropping off a finished piece and visiting NYC...sounds like good time! Looking forward to seeing it.

Unknown said...
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