Thursday, February 11, 2016

Parka Blogs Art Tool Interview

Parka Blogs has published an interview about the art tools I use

Portable expedition rig for both painting and making videos. This kit fits on my belt or shoulder straps so that I can walk through any museum.
Folding Folding tripod stoolwith shoulder strap.
Lightweight tripod for video camera, Zoom recorder, or LED light, strapped to chair with bungie cord.
Paint rag tied to the outside to allow it to dry (looks a bit weird).
Belt pouch. Contains: pencils, brushes, water cup, gouache set, mini watercolor set, watercolor sketchbook, and LED headlamp.
Flip video camera replaced by Canon point-and-shoot now.


Steve said...

The weirdness of your paint rag is entirely in the eyes of the beholder. I think it looks fine -- identical to mine, in fact.

In July of 2011, following your workshop at Garin Baker's, we made a day trip to the Mohonk Preserve. I did a little watercolor painting and used my paint rag as a sternum strap on a borrowed day pack, making the load more comfortably supported. So, the rag was tied across my chest. We went in the lobby of the Mohonk Mountain House to see about getting a bite to eat. The concierge couldn't usher us out of there fast enough. Apparently a dining room in a lodge whose least expensive rooms begin at about $600/night had standards for appearance which my "sternum strap" violated.

Bobby La said...

Truth be told I spend more time on refining my rig as I do on painting. Love a good tweak. Too much really. It's a bit like a choice between doing the tax return or sorting out the sock drawer. Sock drawer always wins. Saw a post on a sketching forum where the rag was omitted in favor of an absorbent wrist band. The better half whipped one up and I think it is quite becoming.

Susan Krzywicki said...

You look handsome.

James Gurney said...

Susan, thanks, and I'm relieved you said that because someone on Facebook said I looked like an NRA activist.
Ross/Bobby, me too! Kit refinement is half the fun. That's also one of the best parts of getting together with other artists, to compare pencil sharpeners and such.
Steve, great story. Yes, at Mohonk, they're really protective of the inner sanctum of the Inn guests. The place has changed a bit since the old days of the Quaker founders, where it was more rustic; now it's a lot swankier. I'll remember to furl my paint rag for such moments, rather than letting "my freak flag fly."

Rich said...

That's some real heavy armory: for very peaceful purposes, though.

Tom Hart said...

Is there a secret to getting away with only one paint rag? At least for oils I don't think I'd feel confident going out with less than 3. (I use only cotton rags from discarded clothes, for what it's worth). I suppose with water media I could see how just one might work - though I'd still take some "insurance".

James Gurney said...

Tom, only one rag? I usually forget even the one, and have to beg a used Kleenex from Jeanette.

Unknown said...

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