Thursday, February 18, 2016

While Waiting for Tires

My car is in the shop for new tires. It's too cold to paint outside, so I set up by the coffee machine. The car goes up on the lift. An impact wrench rattles. I've got about an hour.

Van Kleeck's Tire, Gouache, 5 x 8 inches, 1 hour
The view looks back into the office. Beyond the counter there's a desk with a computer. Beyond that, a passageway with a filing cabinet leading farther back into another office. Someone is working on a computer back there. 

This video shows a few stages of the process. (Sweater vest by Jeanette) (Link to the video on YouTube).

I set up a warm foreground and a cool background, going quite dark in the transition between them. The cool note of the computer screen in the near office was an exception to the warm foreground, like a dot on a taijitu.

I invent the color statement to add depth and mood. The actual scene is more evenly lit with uniformly colored fluorescent lights.
If you've been thinking of getting into Guerilla Gouache, there's no time like the present. Here's all you need to get started:
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Richeson travel brush set
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Tom Hart said...

Amazing painting. It's so evocative of a "real" place, yet imagine how stunned I was (not having initially read the text) to see the photo of the actual scene, and to realize how different the lighting and color was. The painting really creates a convincing atmosphere that's missing from the actual scene. The little "detail" of the computer screen clinches the effect.

Bobby La said...

Extraordinary that you can knock that gem out in just an hour James. Very impressive. I like the more sombre browns. More evocative of the workshops I used to know when cars weren't hooked up to diagnostics. I sit here writing this in an almost identical green woolen vest (vest by Robyne) on this unusually chilly summer morning here in Melbourne.

James Gurney said...

Bobby/Ross. I've got my eye on your Viking hat with the bearded chin strap.

James Gurney said...

Tom, for the longest time, I had the computer screen yellow, in keeping with the overall warm tonality of the foreground. And it just didn't work. Jeanette thought it was on fire. At the last minute I changed it to blue, and voila! It all came together.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Wow video, and that goes for the sweater vest as well

Laura G. Young said...

So cool that you paint "l'intérieur" as well as "plein air"! :) Watching that blue screen being daubed in with just a couple easy strokes, you've nearly convinced me to attempt gouache in my sketches again. (Experienced cracking with a possibly bad tube of the stuff).

Bobby La said...

Robyne says:

regards Ross

James Gurney said...

Love the battle bonnet. Looks especially fetching on babies.