Sunday, July 31, 2016

Live Action Role Playing

Live action role playing. Watercolor pencils and water brushes.


Steve said...

As always, great sketches. I was familiar with the Heads Down Tribe playing Pokemon Go, but the word LARPING is new to me. Little did I know in 1955 as my friends and I wore our coonskin caps and refought Davy Crockett's battle at the Alamo -- a process played out with elaborate forts and spanning a few afternoons -- that we were LARPING.

Fabio said...

Interesting studies as always.
I was just reading about action poses and focusing on the mental image on your 1980s book, plenty of useful information!
Do you recommend on using the scribble method to train your memory (as it's quick), or any of the mentioned ones is fine?

Rich said...

Perhaps Menzel, would he live today, would have ordered those P0kemon folks to keep their postures a bit longer.

Maybe not:-)