Friday, July 1, 2016

Montréal Has Monsters!

I saw this guy at the corner of Rue Notre Dame and Rue St. Vincent. I only had time for a quick sepia sketch before he jogged off toward the Jazz Fest.

Actually, this is what we'll be doing for my workshop tomorrow, "Concepting from Real Life." 

I'll be leading 100 video game design students outdoors where we will be using our sketchbooks to composite a toy dinosaur, robot, or creature into a real scene. 


Donna said...

Welcome to Montréal! I should have kept an eye out for you at the jazz fest last night -- quite the challenge with so many venues and thousands of people.... If you're still in town on Tuesday, the plein-air site is in Hudson:
July 5 - Greenwood, 254 Main Street, Hudson. A beautiful historic home built between 1732-1860. Now a Centre for Living History. Their famous phlox should be in bloom this week. Rte 40, direction Ottawa, exit 26, right on Bellevue, left on Main. Entrance fee $5. or annual memberships.
We'll be out of town, but I hope to meet you in person one of these years. Thanks for all you do for art!
Donna McGee

sketcher said...
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Jared Cullum said...

Wow! The monster is great and I LOVE the treatment of the buildings in this sketch. said...

This is such a great idea ! The monster looks so "cute" , wished I was one of those students ....
I follow yr artwork for many years and always a feast for the eye and very supporting and instructive and you show us 'everything' all details , really appreciate your way of sharing your knowledge ! Thank you for that.