Saturday, July 2, 2016

Oleg's Portrait

Sometimes when I sketch a fellow artist at a restaurant, they return the favor.

This is Oleg Dergachov. He's a cartoonist, animator, illustrator, and gallery artist who was trained by the Ukrainian Academy. He teaches head drawing and analytical sketching at Syn Studio on Montréal.

I am sitting across from him at a sushi place. It is one of those restaurants where everyone is shouting so loud that you can't talk to the person across the table.

But that's OK, because artists can talk with their pens and brushes. I love it, thank you, Oleg!
Oleg's Gallery


Anonymous said...

What is "analytical sketching"?

Rich said...

That's the "Erudite Gurney";-)
...lovely sketch/catch by Oleg. There's a David Levine touch in his cross hatchings, perhaps.

Oleg himself must have been happy with his own portrait by yours truly...