Thursday, November 17, 2016

Advertising Art--A Washing Machine as a Masterpiece

This magazine ad from 1957 features a painting by Tom Lovell of an artist at work. 

It was a different age in advertising, not only because they hired an illustrator for the visual, but because of the rational argument of the copywriting, explaining why they chose the kind of grease they use to lube the machine. 


Daroo said...

However its a dual product ad: Its a Shell promotional ad that features a Philco product. The public can't buy what Shell is selling here but it is designed to instill good, confident feelings in the brand (and probably "grease some palms" with the mag's publishers for positive press in the future) .
I had thought that the "piggyback" ad was a relatively recent advertising phenomenon.

Thanks for sharing -- I always like seeing Lovell's work

A Colonel of Truth said...

Tom Lovell - Marine! He did some wonderful work for the Marine Corps. Some on display in our National Museum, Quantico, VA - worth a visit and plan on a full day.