Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Painting a Creek in Wyoming

Here's a new casein mini-video. If you're getting this post by email, you may need to follow this link to YouTube.

I choose a view facing toward the sun, which makes sparkling spots of bright light. Note the vertically stretched reflections in the still water near the far shore.

The appearance of the water surface is very sensitive to changes in the wind.

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Amai said...

Bank colour over the sky colour for the water! I've been trying to talk myself out of getting this one, as I'm in a bit of a painting lull right now, but that just talked me right back into it. What a great simple tip.

Steve said...

Great painting, as always. Your response to the windblown brush -- an entertained smile -- exemplifies the spirit you bring to your "work."

Schweinhund said...

Hey james I have bought almost all of your gumroad digital downloads and both of your art books and dinotopia books and I am wondering if you have ever had any dangerous encounters.
Bears? dogs? People harassing you>?
How do you decide whether you want to paint in gouache or casein is it subject based? does environment play a role?(too cold or too hot) or subject do you prefer casein for certain subjects landscapes, portraits etc?

Thanks keep up the awesome work