Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Painting Amid Chaos

One of the biggest challenges of plein-air painting is maintaining focus while unpredictable things happen around you. A park should be a calm, peaceful place to paint, right?

This excerpt from "Casein Painting in the Wild captures a little of the fun when we painting in Montreal last summer. (Link to watch video on YouTube)

Square Phillips, Montreal, casein, 5x8 inches
Have you faced similar challenges? Tell your tale in the comments.

Links and resources
"Casein Painting in the Wild"
Gumroad (Credit cards)Digital download (HD 1080p 3.1G MP4)
Sellfy (Paypal) Digital download (HD 720p 1.5G) Buy now
DVD at Kunaki (ships worldwide) or Amazon
Casein Explorers Pack (12) (A good introductory palette that gives you pretty wide gamut.)
Casein 6 Pack (The colors I used for this painting. On its own, it's a rather muted palette. It can be used on its own and it also makes a good supplement to the 12 pack.)
Casein 6-pack with travel brush set (Same set as above with the short-handled brushes).

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Warren JB said...

Painting in a quiet square - Caribbean carnival happens by! I wish I had challenges like that...

The closest example I can think of is the time I visited the Natural History Museum in London, for some dinosaur gallery sketching. I didn't fully appreciate the effect that the schools half-term would have on the queue for that gallery: I couldn't even get near it to be interrupted. Fortunately the fossil marine reptile gallery was there. It's a shame they get overlooked because they're 'not dinosaurs', but it does make for a quieter, less jostled session.