Thursday, July 13, 2017

International Artist article on the Sketch Easel

The new issue of International Artist magazine (#116/August/Sept. 2017) has a feature on how to make a sketch easel. Pick up a copy or order online.

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Be part of the maker community. Get yourself a copy of "How to Make a Sketch Easel".

The 1080p HD download is available now for just $14.95 from Gumroad.

The DVD version is available for $24.50, and it includes a slide show. The DVD is also available on Amazon.

1 comment:

Carol Scown-Raynal said...

Oh là là... I just love all of your systems. Not just creative, a real Genius. Regarding the underlayers with casein painting, as I can get these in France or by Amazon at a very high price, I will use acrylic paint. I tried some gouache over dry fluorescent Amsterdam acrylic paint (Standard series) and it seems to work well, it sticks well on the acrylic.