Monday, July 24, 2017

Sleeping Pigs

These young pigs know how to pass a summer day, sleeping through the heat on the barn floor.
I'm using a graphite pencil with a Niji water brush filled with gray ink for the mottled coloration.

Don't miss the my latest YouTube video "Painting Animals from Life: 7 Tips for Success"


Matthieu B. said...

Fantastic sketches as always!
Would you consider making a long form 'In the Wild' video exclusively about animals? I love your animals videos; there's such tension when you have to start over if the subject moves too early. And it's always so miraculous to see the final sketch looking like a snapshot.

James Gurney said...

Matthieu, That's a good idea. It would be fun to see some of the paintings develop live with a shot of the animal in split screen. Anything can happen. I'll give that some thought.

Ed van der Linden said...

Wonderful! I liked the animal painting tips too. Your video's are all very inspirational. I learned a lot from Watercolors in the Wild and Gouache in the Wild. Casein is the next project ;-)
Do you ever use water soluble graphite for these kind of sketches? If not, may i ask why?

Anonymous said...

Gray ink? Any recs? I love Tom Nelson's washable walnut ink, but a cool grey washable ink would be lovely. gj