Saturday, July 15, 2017

Art Talk Tape: Work and the Freelance Lifestyle

In the 1980s I was part of a group of friends called "The Golden Palm Tape Network" who shared conversations about art via cassette tapes that we would mail to each other. Here's a sample of a vintage "podcast" on the topic of work and the freelancer. (Link to podcast on YouTube)

Contributors include fellow fantasy- and comic artists James Warhola (Uncle Andy's), Paul Chadwick (Concrete) (at 29:45), and Tom Kidd (Gnemo).
Previous podcast: "Academic Chatter: Gerome, Repin, and Shishkin"
More about the GP Tape Network

Song "Caterpillar Man" is by Carl Trent


Tom Hart said...

I haven't commented recently - no real reason other than "life"...I still, at the very least, peek in daily. :). I just wanted to drop in with a line to tell you, again, how much I appreciate and admire your seemingly limitless curiosity and energy. Gurney Journey is an amazing, priceless gift to the world. This article and the previous are particularly tasty ones (imho).

Dragonlady said...

Well, things haven't changed much I guess.
My problem is less about procrastination, though I have my moments, but with having to switch several times a week from a "regular" job, to painting. I find it often takes me a day to get in the right frame of mind for real creative work but then it's time to go back to the other jobs. I try to work consecutive days but I also work on demand so it's not always possible. I try to prepare as much as I can (the starting part where it's so important to concentrate)during my days at home, and leave the "fun" part (the finishing hours) to the evenings on days I go to the other jobs. But it's not always possible...

I find it difficult to "program" a day off each week because of the same reasons but I've gotten better at it. But if things roll I will still carry on as I don't always have the leisure to carry on, or after several days.
At the moment the hard part is to get enough exercise as I have so much to fit in a day, each day. I've had moments where I had a lot more time to work at home and it was a lot easier to go out walking for an hour each day. Much harder now that I work more again. It's impossible to balance I suppose.

Jack said...

I have read about journey of people from one place to another, reading a journey of a gurney is well a bit strange, But informative at the same time