Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Can you learn to draw from an AI teacher?

Can an artificial-intelligence algorithm help you learn to draw objects in perspective? (Link to YouTube)

How2Sketch "automatically generating easy-to-follow tutorials for arbitrary 3D objects" and keys them to the proficiency of the learner.

Here's the video abstract produced by the authors. The authors have metrics to show that the method is getting effective results, and users have reported that they are very happy with the learning process.

You can download the paper, the code, and tutorial sequences for free at the How2Sketch website.

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Rob Howard said...

Of course, the master of this is Kim Jung Gi who can draw any complez thing from internal visualizing. It's a stunt that some of us have mastered (although not to that degree) but along comes totallymodernjames, a young guy from Brooklyn, with a method for anyone to get their GI on. Check out his YouTube vid demonstrating cruved perspective and how to draw anything in any perspective. Check him out at and understand he has a lot of other vid at a subscription site. Well worth helping him along.