Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Decadent Dollhouses

Carrie Becker is a photographer and a sculptor of miniatures who produces exquisitely detailed interior scenes. 

In "Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse," she presents rooms of a hoarder's home stuffed to the gills with clutter.

After completing a masters program in sculpture, Becker traveled through rural Kansas, exploring and photographing the interiors of abandoned houses.

She used this inspiration as she outfitted each tiny room, implying the backstory to her imagined alternate reality.

After the viral success of her Barbie-themed project, she worked on a theme called "Lilliputian Entropy," showing European-style rooms fallen into disrepair. 

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Pierre Fontaine said...

My father made the most wonderful dollhouse for my mother as an anniversary present. Unfortunately, at the time he made it he never realized that dollhouses were made to specific scales. This meant that when it came time to decorate the interior of the doll house, there was no commercially available furniture that fit the scale of the house. Therefore, my father hand made all the furniture from wood and card.

My father is still living (he'll be 92 in a couple of weeks). Though my mother passed away 5 years ago so my father gave the dollhouse to my daughter.

The photos you've posted remind me a lot of the dollhouse he's made.

I've taken some photographs and would love to share if you'd like to see.