Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sculpting from the Inside Out

Brazilian sculptor Juliana LePine creates a tiny figural portrait of singer Freddie Mercury. She builds the forms from the inside out: putting teeth on the skull, flesh on the bones, and clothing over the flesh. (Link to YouTube)

Juliana has a whole series of tutorial videos grouped into playlists. You can get her supplies from the JLS Store, including plastic vitrox (PV) clay, skeletons, and eyes. You can even get molds for making your own skulls and figures.
Juliana's website


bernicky said...

Just, WOW.

Unknown said...

That looks awesome, interesting technique. I myself don't know if I'd make it past the awkward and creepy teeth-and-face-blob stage.

Bob said...

It surely takes hard work and dedication to achieve this level of detail. Ms. LePine's methods could also prove inspirational to paleoartists, given that all they have to work with is bones.