Monday, September 10, 2018

Cowboys, Tractors, and Robots

I transform a tractor into a robot with the help of Wyoming cowboys Tom Lucas and John Finley. (Link to YouTube video).

I start the painting in gouache and finish in casein. 

Farmwife on myYouTube channel, says:
"Nice work. I like that you see the value and beauty in the workings of the farm. We have a gifted 1945 Massey and my husband did some work so it works for cutting and such. Ours isn't painted yet, next summer. We also have a 1950 Farmall M that he overhauled, not repainted but that old work horse is road and farm ready. He'd love to get hold of that diesel Farmall. My husband is a retired farmer if there I such a thing, farmers do not retire but our horse stable did. He is also a farm machinery mechanic so our property sports all manner of old tractors and parts. As soon as one tractor moves on out, another appears, seems to be no end to old farm machinery since farmers do not scrap their tractors no matter the condition. I have to admit though that I wish some of them would transform into robots and make their way down the road!"

See it in print
This painting will be featured in the upcoming book, Nuthin' But Mech 4, which releases on September 15. So if you want to see it in print, that's the place to get it.

More Resources
Web article about the actual autonomous robot cowboy "Swagbot" 
YouTube Video: Making robot maquettes from foam
Video tutorial: "Fantasy in the Wild: Painting Concept Art on Location":
Digital download (HD MP4):
DVD (NTSC Region 1)
DVD on Amazon

Canon PowerShot Elph (point-and-shoot)


Thanks to the SKB Workshop, where I did this painting.


Unknown said...

I have a question about casein paint. Can it be kept in a sealed palette and used again and again, like watercolor?

James Gurney said...

Unknown, that might work for a while, as long as it stayed wet. But once it dries it can't be rewet the way gouache can.

Steve said...

Very interesting video. Always blown away by how much detail you suggest with a large brush. Fascinating to watch the revisions; the new value organization, the robot’s outstretched legs — all while discussing matters large and small with the ranchers. Those old gray/red Ford tractors are still seen, in use, all around me in Michigan. As the man said, they’re not powerhouses, but they accomplish a great many tasks year after year after year. In their own way, they were the robots of their time; slowly replacing horses.