Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Painting on Main Street in Maine

Mid-September is a great time for painting in Maine. The summer crowds have gone home and the leaf peepers aren't here yet. 

We're staying in the mid-coast region. I'll start off by painting Main Street, Damariscotta. (Link to video on YouTube)

Art Supplies:
Titanium White (M. Graham)
Raw Sienna (M. Graham):
Terra Rosa (M. Graham)
Peacock Blue (Shinhan Pass)
Rowney Blue (Daler-Rowney)
Pentalic watercolor sketchbook
Travel brush set


Michael said...

Damariscotta isn't that far from Rockland! I was up that way in Maine for the past 2 years. Check out the Wyeth museum if you get the chance.

Steve said...

I learn so much watching you edit out so many details while leaving the essentials. Thanks for making these short videos.

Not surprised you were corrected on the town’s pronunciation. Of course, to get it exactly right — like speaking French — requires a hard-to-acquire accent.

It looks as though you are simply using the metal lids of the old pencil case for gouache these days; no parchment paper or anything absorbent to keep the paint moist. It’s hard for me to throw away paint at the end of a gouache session but it’s been messy and cumbersome trying to preserve what’s left.

Peter Drubetskoy said...

James, thank you for making these continuously available and for free to boot. Do you by any chance have a Patreon? You can set it up so that anybody who wants can pitch a few bucks every time you release one of these. Would love to support you some more.

Joan Tavolott said...

How fun to see you painting in Damariscotta. My sister lives there and I've spent a lot of time sketching and painting in that area. You were standing right in front of Renny's on the corner. Super job on this! I shared the youtube video with my sister and she shared it on FB. Enjoy your time there. I'm heading up there in about 2 weeks.