Friday, September 14, 2018

Summer Foliage

Summer foliage by Aaron Draper Shattuck (1832-1928)
I'm out painting today, but I'd like to offer a study by A.D. Shattuck, one of the later Hudson River School artists:
"Described as affable and inventive---he held several patents, including one for metal stretcher keys found on the backs of paintings---Shattuck was also sensitive to his environs, capturing the subtlest nuances of pastoral landscapes in his oils."
Aaron Draper Shattuck (1832-1928)
Best book on Shattuck and his contemporaries: The New Path


rock995 said...

wasn't aware of Mr. Shattuck but I am now thanks to JG. I was curious about more info and following another link (below the Cooley gallery one) I came across a way to download a .pdf of him and other painters in the Hudson for free:

scottT said...

It's always instructive to me the way the greens are handled. Most of the foliage is shades of yellow, and the green that there is leans toward blue. Then there is the brown which you would expect to see in the dirt, but it is reddish with only some real brown in a few branches. Also the whole picture is keyed high and the lack of dark shadows is interesting for picture in bright sunlight. This is a very thoughtfully painted.