Friday, December 7, 2018

Paint Your Kitchen (Or a Friend's)

In case you missed it, we're doing a "Paint a Kitchen Challenge." Here are some paintings from the past for inspiration.

Isabel Codrington
It's free to enter. There's no entry fee. You can focus on ingredients, the appliances, the tools, the dirty dishes, or the chef or the cook. But try to capture some of the overall scene or ambiance, rather than making an artificial still life.

Anders Zorn
Media accepted include watercolor, gouache, casein, acrylic, or oil. You can also include pen, ink or water-soluble colored pencils. Palette of colors should include no more than four colors plus white. Along with your entry, please list the pigments you used, and a photo of your painting easel in front of the motif.

Carl Bloch
Please post your entries on the Facebook Event page "Paint a Kitchen Challenge.” Enter just one piece. If you do two pieces, please upload your favorite of the two. Also include in your entry a photo of your easel with your work-in-progress in the kitchen where you painted it. You can enter as soon as you finish the piece, but no later than the deadline: December 20th.
Helen Allingham
Five Finalists will each receive a "Department of Art" patch, a free Gurney video tutorial download, and a 5”x8” Aqua Journal sketchbook. The Grand Prize winner will receive the foregoing items, but will also receive a set of brushes, gouache paints, and sketchbooks donated by Pentalic.

Jessie Wilcox Smith
Winners will be announced on December 22 on the Facebook Event page, on this blog Gurney, and on Pentalic’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Anna Ancher
More info on the Facebook page: "Paint a Kitchen Challenge." If you don't have Facebook, maybe a friend or relative can upload for you and mention your name.

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