Sunday, December 16, 2018

Painting a Cellist

The music department of Bard College presented its Winter Songfest last night. My wife is a member of the Symphonic Chorus, so I was able to tag along to one of the rehearsals.

I painted a cellist in the conservatory orchestra. I use a small palette of gouache: white, black, yellow ochre, light red, and ultramarine blue. 

The gouache allows for a few corrections and adjustments that aren't possible in plain watercolor. I'm holding everything in my lap, and am being extremely neat and careful. 

Above is a video (link), so you can see the work in progress. Starting with a pencil and transparent washes, I cover the surface with tones. Halfway through I have second thoughts about the warm-colored background, so I change it to light and cool using opaques.
You can also see this video on my Instagram post.

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Roberto Quintana said...

As usual, you are an inspiration!
Not to dismiss the fine sketch under less than optimal conditions... How did you get those shots!
Have you jury-rigged some kind of 'Steam-Punk' helmet-w-a-camera that you are wearing AND sketching thru?! or do you have an AI drone hovering over your shoulder? -RQ

Scotty A said...

Hi Mr Gurney
I've been using Holbein Acryla Gouache a lot recently, and it made me wonder.. Is there anything I can add to regular gouache to give it the same drying properties of acryla gouache?