Monday, June 24, 2019

How They Made "Big Heads"

"Big Heads" was a game show for British TV where ordinary contestants wore giant celebrity heads while trying to accomplish slapstick challenges.

Adrian Teal, designs for Prince Harry for "Big Heads"
To make the big head masks, producers began by commissioning drawings of each celebrity from multiple angles.  

This making-of video (Link to YouTube) shows how the drawings were interpreted in 3D clay sculpts. They cast the sculpts into lightweight shells that were a base for flocking, felt, paint, and wiggly eyes.

Sculpt in process by Plunge Creations. 
The heads had to be strong, light, and safe because contestants routinely had to fall on them.

Here are some highlights from the show, which aired on the ITV network. (Link to YouTube) Unfortunately after all this work, the show proved a disappointment, and was canceled after its first season.
Caricaturist Adrian Teal's website
Lots more pictures and info at Plunge Creations website.


Karen VR said...

WTF is this show?!? LOLOLOL

Eugene Arenhaus said...

Nice sculpted caricatures... but...



I feel undecided whether I ought to lose all faith in all of the humanity now, or perhaps in just the Brits... >_<

Unknown said...

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Rich said...

Stupid show indeed!

But I hope it helped those fine carricaturists pay their bills.