Tuesday, June 4, 2019

ZBS Audio Adventure of World Beneath

The audio adventure of Dinotopia: The World Beneath uses music, full-cast dialogue, and immersive effects to transport you to another world.
Produced by ZBS.
Available On CDs or as MP3 download 


Pierre Fontaine said...

Given this audio production I've always been curious about your thoughts regarding the Dinotopia TV series done many, many years ago.

What was your involvement? Did you find the experience gratifying or frustrating? Were you involved in the design of the show (beyond providing copies of the book as inspiration). If so, did you generate artwork specific to the project?

It must have been incredibly exciting but at the same time I could imagine it being a terribly frustrating experience as well as others began to mold your work into something marketable as a TV show.

Any thoughts or insights would be really fascinating!

Bob said...


Will the A Land Apart From Time ZBS Audio Adventure CD also become available once again? That one is a prerequisite for The World Beneath. It amazes me how well these audio adventures portray the story of a picture book!

Rich said...

Good marketing! Fantastic product!

James Gurney said...

Bob, I'm running low on the CDs of Land Apart. But I think you can get it as an audio file download.

Pierre, Didn't I address those questions a while ago? In a nutshell, the TV miniseries is set in a different time period with different characters, so it exists in its own space and doesn't overlap much with the world of the books. I don't have a TV or cable, and I only saw it once, so I can't remember the details of it very well, and don't relate much to television shows in general. I'm more familiar with the audio adventure, which was fun and stayed close to the books.

Bdszoke said...

I absolutely love these, given the quality of the music and the voice acting. Have you ever considered turning these into a kinetic or visual novel format?
In essence the final result would be like a standalone version of the youtube preview, with the visuals to accompany it, and a simple click to advance interface.

Alternatively, have there been any thoughts of creating videobook version of it? In essence turning the youtube preview into a full video of the book? So much of the story is brought to life by your fantastic illustrations, and that gets lost in the audio CD versions.