Monday, June 17, 2019

Inside the Brooder Box

Huddled under the warm light of the brooder box is a lively new clutch of guinea fowl keets.

(Link to Facebook video) I set up my stool and dive into the scene in watercolor.

The keets doze off most of the time in the back of the box, and they scramble around when they're startled.
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Rich said...

What a sweet portrayal:-)

You're looking into that glass as if into a tv-screen. The programe happening is quite amazing, as well as your rendition.
Compared to the average onlooker on tv-screens, your view might be described as somehow "out of the box";-)

GJ said...
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Terry said...

Thanks for the chuckle - loved them swooping back & forth en masse. I'm always impressed with your mastery of light and shadow.