Saturday, August 10, 2019


An ambigram is a word or logo which reads the same when inverted.
Remarkably, the word itself can be made into an ambigram.

The cover to the DVD version of "Princess Bride" is also an ambigram.

John Langdon designed this one, which reads "Philosophy Art & Science" right side up or upside down.

Wikipedia about Ambigram
There's a nice collection online in "An Optical Illusion"


Rich said...

Looks fascinatingly ambiguous;-)

Bob said...

Betcha the erstwhile saurians of Dinotopia would have fun with this one. The word hack is an ambigram in Dinotopian footprint language!

Dave said...

Don't forget Scott Kim

Gordon Napier said...

A spooky one that occurred to me a while ago...