Thursday, August 8, 2019

I Paint a Jeep

"I test drive a Jeep, then paint the dream. (Link to full video)

I used an updated version of the traditional sighting grid for an accurate outline of the vehicle. The video shows the sketch easel in use with the sighting grid attached to the gripper. The cheek rest piece screws into the T-nut of the gripper.


CerverGirl said...

I love how you “enlarge” your painting to be a backdrop in the video! You not only share so many painting techniques, but stretch our imagination for video production also! Thank you. It’s a really beautiful and fun painting.

tolbertm said...

I’ve never heard of a cheek rest, is that so your face stays the same distance from the grid?

Daniele Guadagnolo said...

Hi James,
do you have any tips on how to make and use such a grid? Like materials, dimensions,,

Rich said...

The car dealer must be delighted!
The Jeep couldn't be portrayed in a better light, literally; I do enjoy the successfully rendered highlight on the side of the car, among other things.

Jim Williams said...

You never cease to amaze me. Handling all that equipment whilst painting, doing your dialogue etc despite all that awful traffic cacaphony! You're not just a great artist and teacher but I suspect a Zen Master as well! Thanks for the video!

John Roc said...

This is awesome!! I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog.

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