Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Your Gouache Questions Answered

I tried a new YouTube format with a "YouTube Premiere" video that launched at 12 noon today. We covered materials and methods and followed one painting from start to finish. If you follow the YouTube link you'll be able to read the live chat that accompanies the video.


Luca said...

A great idea! Unfortunately i couldn't follow it live but i watched it later and i loved this format. The video itself was very informative and it answered many questions i had about gouache (ideas on priming, varnishing and how to avoid the "chalky" look above all)! Thanks for it, I guess it required a lot of preparation work for you (reading the questions, editing the video and so on)!

Michael said...

It says the video is unavailable :(

Pierre Fontaine said...

The video is available on YouTube. Copy and paste this link and it should bring you directly to the video: