Saturday, September 7, 2019

Burger Hill, from below

Burger Hill near Rhinebeck commands a lofty vista of the Catskills and it’s a favorite sledding spot in the winter.
Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill,  Oil, 10x18 inches. 
Looking up at it from its base, it presents a smooth curve against the sky, a pure abstraction found in Nature,
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Rich said...

This one's a tad less intricate than the one before.

Unknown said...

Hi James, I notice you often use casein as an undercoat but I don't understand why you wouldn't paint the scene in casein as's easier to correct a slip up and it's a paint you often used in the past.
Enjoy your emails every night!

James Gurney said...

Terry, I have done many paintings all in casein. But I like gouache better for fine detail, and with gouache I don't need to worry about the paint drying on the brush if I have to wait a while to clean them.