Wednesday, September 4, 2019

New Article: Sketching at the Airport

My next article in International Artist Magazine (Issue 129) is about sketching at the airport. 

Here's a tip: The international terminals have bigger wide-body aircraft, and therefore larger waiting areas. The planes also come and go less frequently, which allows you a longer time to study them.
TSA Guy, watercolor pencils and water brushes,
5 x 5" (13 x 13 cm)
I sketch this man in a TSA uniform while bouncing along on the airport shuttle from long-term parking to the terminal. A water brush filled with clear water dissolves the watercolor pencil. Some other water brushes filled with black, brown, or dark blue ink give me other options. 

Normally you need a boarding pass to get beyond the ticketing and check-in area. A few airports offer “airside access” for people who want to explore the shops and terminals. For example, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has the “myPITpass” that gives you access to the terminal and gates. You still have to pass through TSA like anyone else. 

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Virginia Fhinn said...

I especially like the person standing on one foot putting their shoe back on.